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Classic MR2 racing for the Mk1 MR2, with very competitive racing in a production specification car.

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MR2 Classic Racing Series Overview

The MR2 Classic Racing Series is a long established series for the Mk1 Toyota MR2, manufactured between 1984-1989. It’s a cost-effective way to enjoy motorsport with a standard production specification sports car with no drivetrain modifications allowed to ensure this series is in the price bracket for new racers and experienced race hobbyists alike. Don’t be put off by the age of the cars – the regulations are written to allow some aftermarket parts which increase reliability, are more cost-effective and more easily obtainable than standard parts.

The emphasis is on driver ability and not large technical budgets, which is why the regulations are controlled for the series to ensure the cars are equal in performance. This has proved to give some incredibly close racing throughout the whole grid over the years.

You can convert your own street car to cheaply conform to our series and the MSA regulations, or if you’d rather have one of our club build teams do the hard work for you there are a number of affordable options available. If you’d rather just enjoy your racing and leave the hard work to someone else then a number of teams also have cars available to hire on an arrive and drive basis. Also, because the series has been long established, race prepared cars are available for sale in the classifieds.

The past couple of seasons have seen some of the closest and cleanest racing to date, and 2018 is promising to see some more wing mirror to wing mirror action, with a paddock atmosphere other series would envy.

Just a series

No need to worry about a points table - just do the events you can.

Relaxed atmosphere

A series creates a relaxed atmosphere where everyone knows what happens on the day doesn’t affect any other results.


A friendly relaxed paddock atmosphere.

Paddock atmosphere

The friendly paddock atmosphere is absorbing, with everyone helping everyone to ensure they can go racing.


Emphasis is on driver ability and not your budget.

Controlled regulations

Regulations are controlled ensuring all cars are using the same parts and are equal in performance.


Regulations ensure cars are based on the standard production specification.

Sensible costs

Competitive entry fees and discounts available for members on parts.

People are Saying

“If you don’t want to spend an absolute fortune on your motor racing, I can’t think of a better car to drive, or a better series to do.”


“Cheap close racing – you’ll learn a lot of race craft in the MR2 series.”


“Absolutely great fun, very close racing and very very affordable.”


“Good close racing and a good paddock atmosphere.”



The regulations for the MR2 Classic Racing Series are controlled to ensure the cars are equal in performance,  which keeps the emphasis on driver ability and not large technical budgets.

Need Some Help?

Not everyone is a whizz with the spanners, so here are a few companies who can help you with anything you need for your MR2 Classic Racing Series car, including turnkey new builds and arrive and drive deals.

JJ-Motorsportjj-motorsport.com | 07790 495 231
Specialists in MSA regulated roll cages. Each cage is designed, built and installed for your safety and peace of mind.

Race cars can also be built to order for you. They will take your donor car and transform it into a race-ready car for the MR2 Classic Racing Series.

Prize Motorsport
Prize Motorsportprizemotorsport.co.uk | 07767 612 784
They are specialists in Mk1 MR2 race car preparation and trackside support.

They can also supply you a ready to race car to buy or arrive and drive hire with full trackside support.

Sector Motorsport
Sector Motorsportfacebook.com/sectormotorsport | 07910 999 999
They are specialists in race car preparation and trackside support, and offer a full suspension setup service so you get the very best out of you and the car on the day.

They can also supply you a ready to race car to buy or arrive and drive hire with full trackside support.


Average grid size based on the combined grid from the 2017 season.

Latest News

The latest headlines from the MR2 Classic Racing Series.

Track Attack wins racing club of the year award

January 7th, 2018|

Last night Downforce UK held their awards and we're delighted to say Track Attack Race Club won the award for racing club of the year! They said the award was "For the incredible organisation of budget


Upcoming Events

The MR2 Classic Racing Series races on circuits all over the country, with events usually spread about a month apart.

The 2018 calendar is

Sun 25 March Brands Hatch Indy
Sat 21 April Pembrey
Mon (Bank Hol) 7 May Castle Combe
Sun 24 June Rockingham
Sun 29 July Silverstone National
Sun 12 August Snetterton 300
Sun 2 September Mallory Park

Sat 29 September Autumn Trophy Donington Park


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