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A cost-effective way to enjoy motorsport with a standard production specification hot hatch.

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206 GTi Cup Overview

The 206 GTi Cup is for the Peugeot 206 GTi model only in 136 bhp engine configuration, manufactured between 1999-2006. It’s a cost-effective way to enjoy motorsport with a standard production specification hot hatch with no drivetrain modifications allowed to ensure this series is in the price bracket for new racers and experienced race hobbyists alike.

The emphasis is on driver ability and not large technical budgets, which is why the regulations are controlled for the series to ensure the cars are equal in performance. This has proved to give some very close results over the last season.

You can convert your own street car to cheaply conform to our series and the Motorsport UK regulations, or if you’d rather have one of our club build teams do the hard work for you there are a number of affordable options available.

With the series constantly growing and more registrations expected shortly, this season is promising to see some more wing mirror to wing mirror action, with one of the most liked race clubs in the UK.

Just a series

No need to worry about a points table - just do the events you can.

Relaxed atmosphere

A series creates a relaxed atmosphere where everyone knows what happens on the day doesn’t affect any other results.


A friendly relaxed paddock atmosphere.

Paddock atmosphere

The friendly paddock atmosphere is absorbing, with everyone helping everyone to ensure they can go racing.


Emphasis is on driver ability and not your budget.

Controlled regulations

Regulations are controlled ensuring all cars are using the same parts and are equal in performance.


Regulations ensure cars are based on the standard production specification.

Sensible costs

Competitive entry fees and discounts available for members on parts.

People are Saying

“Over the moon with my first win of the season. I had a great race with Jason Jesse and I can’t wait to get the dates for next season and have my car ready to compete in the 206 GTi Cup.”



The regulations for the 206 GTi Cup are controlled to ensure the cars are equal in performance,  which keeps the emphasis on driver ability and not large technical budgets.

Need Some Help?

Not everyone is a whizz with the spanners, so here are a few companies who can help you with anything you need for your 206 GTi Cup car, including turnkey new builds and arrive and drive deals.

Direct Auto Services
Direct Auto Services01462 731 581 | 07931 233 539
We are able to offer a full range of tin top race car preparation services for whatever series you are aiming to compete in. We are responsible for most of the current cars participating in the 206 GTi Cup, and will be building to order Audi TT cars for the TT Challenge.

206 GTi Cup cars available from only £3000, or bring us your donor car and collect it built to your specification and budget, from fitting a roll cage to a full build.


Latest News

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Upcoming Events

The 206 GTi Cup races on circuits all over the country, with events usually spread about a month apart.


Sunday 16th October


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