MR2 Racing Series

MR2 Racing Series


A race series for the MR2 Roadster with the cars kept as close to production specification as possible, apart from safety and reliability features.

The series was devised to provide low cost motor sport and as such we aim to maintain the cars as near production specification as possible apart from safety and reliability features. This is not a series where spending more money than the opposition on engines etc. can win you races. Major and costly performance enhancements are banned - after all if we all spent £2,000 on an engine we would all be exactly where we began, but just spending more money to get there! Where is the sense in that?! We aim to provide racing to those who could not afford it normally, and implement our rules strictly to keep it as cost effective as possible. We also have a great sense of community that other series would envy!

The limited modifications allowed in the regulations are there to improve safety and handling rather than performance, but these modifications are not obligatory. It is possible for you to drive your car to the circuit, race it, and drive home again if you wish. You can build a car specifically for the series, buy one custom built to order which is what most drivers do, or buy a second hand race car someone is selling. With a base Toyota MR2 Roadster car available for as little as £500 and the parts needed to convert it at around £1200, this is indeed affordable racing. If you lack the time or skills you could always rent a car and literally arrive at the circuit and drive.

The MR2 Racing Series provides a rare opportunity for those who thought motorsport was beyond them to experience the thrill of racing.

The MR2 Roadsters will run in the Asia Challenge until they are more established.