Track Attack principle Steve Vince has announced further plans for the club’s expansion looking to 2022 and beyond. He stated “Many of our series have been going for some time, as far back as 2004 in some cases and maybe have lost some motivation. So as well as rejuvenating what we already have we want to widen the club’s appeal by adding to the options to race with us going forward. With this in mind, we are launching a one-make/model series based on the Audi TT Coupe.”

In line with the other one make series we have run over the years for Toyota MR2’s, Honda Civic’s, MX5’s, Hyundai Coupe’s and more recently Peugeot 206 GTi’s the aim is to keep the cars as near-production spec as possible so as affordable as possible.

Based to start around the 1998-2006 225 BHP variant there will be no performance and expensive internal engine mods allowed, though some changes to springs and shocks will be to enhance handling. All safety features such as roll cages etc as required by the blue book will, of course, be obligatory.

The series has been registered with Motor Sport UK for 2021 and there are two cars in build already that hope to be out at the club’s Mallory Park meeting on May 22 which will help to promo the series through 2021 ready for a full season in 2022. The cars will run under the Deutsche Marques as a class to start.

A deal has been done with MRF tyres to supply a designated tyre and offer trackside support at the events and a sponsor is currently being sort.

“I have great hopes for the project as the models are still being made today so as time goes we can add the more modern cars.” This should secure a very long period of competition in what should be a spectacular and very quick race car series.

Full regulations and further details from Steve Vince:


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