I have finally received clarification on the dates when we had options given of Sat or  Sun to run which I now have and can release the applicable entry form for this season. Entry’s for the first event at Brands which we are visiting twice this year will open on release of the Entry form. If you know which event you wish to enter during the year by all means to save time tick those boxes. Bare in mind how ever your entry is not secured until the entry fee is paid. Your entry for subsequent events will be processed from the Monday after the proceeding event. If for whatever reason you find you cannot do an event you have entered advise me immediately to avoid your c/c d/c being charged.


Note our policy will be to only refund in full if cancelled 7 days before an event. After that time cancellations before three days of an event will get a credit towards a future event. After 3 days the same but only if  a replacement entry can be found. This is to avoid last-minute pull-outs depriving other club members from running, and the club losing money which happened last year. So be considerate of fellow members and only book events you know you will be doing, not that you think you may want to do.


Some seemed puzzled last season about that position. I had a number or calls/emails ref Donny for example asking if people had pulled out. To get on the reserve list if an events full you still have to send in an entry form and enter in the normal way. Your allocated as Res 1 2  3 etc as I receive entry’s. Whether you attend at the end of the day depends I guess on how much you want to do an event. Last year out of six plus  drivers wanting to do Donny three actually committed, entered, turned up and got their races. If you do enter as a reserve you get to do qually and  then race if the grids not full. Bare in mind not all cars turn up on the day! Not all cars finish qually in one piece and not all cars will finish race one. So the chances of you not getting any track time are slim and you may do the lot. Also bare in mind you will also get a refund for the track time you don’t get if its full eg quali plus one race one third refund. [ note not if you have car issues yourself]  As I say to be a reserve or not depends on how keen you are to do an event, but if you don’t put an entry in !

206 GTi Cup

Just to remind 206 Gti Cup Drivers as pre previous communications your “counting” events are Castle Combe/Snetterton/OultonPark/Silverstone National /Brands 2/Silverstone International. Though you can enter others in class F should you wish to. Entry’s will be accepted for all events on first come first served basis, either by post or email. On line signing on as introduced due to Covid will continue and I will advise where and when you need to do that. Finally sun strips. Whilst not obligatory at present if any driver wishes to have one for their series please let  me know


Steve V