As you know from a recent circular I came up with an idea for a club t-shirt that also helps raise funds for a good cause of your choice. For those of you who have ordered one or in some cases more than one many thanks. If you have not yet done so please consider doing so.

The good news is with all this time I have looked further afield outside of my local area and found another supplier. With a little tweak of the price, I can now donate £10 to the NHS staff or charity of your choice or anyone in need. Could be anything from food banks to your local school, the homeless, cancer, whatever you prefer. There are lots in need right now, there must be someone you can think of?

Most of us have more time on our hands than we would like so let’s get tweeting, face timing, whatever media you use and get them sold. If 40 club members contact 10 friends, relations, business associates they know that’s 400 sold and £4000 for good cause, and you get to wear a fab T.

Let’s get selling boy’s and girls, you know you can do it! You can download the order form here.