Our annual Autumn Trophy, the final event of the year is always popular and is always full, so get those entries in ASAP to ensure your place on the grid. The event is open to any sports, coupe or saloon car running on blue book listed treaded tyres. If you know any non-club members who would like to do this event then free day membership is also available.

Remember classes for this one are based on good old-fashioned engine capacity to mix it up a bit, just for fun for our last blast.

  • Class A – Saloons/Coupe’s/Sports cars between 2501 – 3000cc
  • Class B – Saloons/Coupe’s/Sports cars between 2001 – 2500cc
  • Class C – Saloons/Coupe’s between 1601 – 2000cc
  • Class D – Saloons/Coupe’s up to 1600cc
  • Class E – Sports cars between 1601 – 2000cc
  • Class F – Sports cars up to 1600cc

Note: Cars running Supercharger/Turbo’s to run in class above engine capacity.

In addition, there will be a 206 GTi Autumn Trophy awards specifically for 206 GTi Cup cars.

Full regulations for this event are available here.