A number of things to raise with you all post Combe and pre the Rock.

First off for those at Combe who I didn’t see before I left the circuit, I apologise for any inconvenience caused, particularly those due class awards. Unfortunately, the pain in my back, which I struggled with all day, was so severe I could not walk another step and just had to abandon ship. Those due trophies will have them posted.

There were quite a number of drivers who having put their entry forms in for the season were due to run at Combe pulled out during the week. Whilst this is not an issue in itself, we did have a full grid 7/10 days before the event and drivers who were told places were not available when they then were, had by then made other arrangements and could not take those places up. This meant club members missed out and the club lost revenue it can ill afford. Can I please ask that if there is any doubt if you can run at an event you have signed up for, you let me know ASAP so that other club members don’t miss out.

In that regard, if you were one of those drivers, note that I expect that with fewer cars able to run than at Combe at the Rock we will have the same issues. So can I ask you to reaffirm your entry for Rockingham. Note to all drivers that your entry is only accepted/confirmed when it is paid for. Entries are open for Rockingham now, first come, first served as always, if you don’t want to miss out get that entry in now!

For those not aware recent changes in EU regulations mean I can no longer use data gleaned by the club for mailing without your permission whether snail mail or email. In order to deal with this I will send everyone I would normally email a statement on behalf of the club regarding data protection policy. It will be left to the individual to advise me they no longer wish to receive information/communications from me in future.

Thank you for your support this season to date, and I look forward to seeing more of you out at the Rock.