A number of people have expressed concerns after what happened last year about registering and joining the club and paying the associated fees when there is a question mark over when the season will start. Clearly, I would hope that restrictions will at the very least ease by the end of February and although Silverstone International has been canned there will be no further disruptions to our schedule. But that is not in my hands. This presents two difficulties for the club. We are required to pay for a proportion of the circuit hire fees in advance, the nearer we get to an event the more we have had to pay – usually 20%, 40% increments, so without drivers joining the club/registering for the series it poses cash flow issues. Beyond that until drivers register/join I have no idea what the level of entries is going to be like which hinders planning. For example, I have been given an opportunity to have some of our events filmed, which is great promo but has costs which I don’t know if the revenue from the club will cover it so therefor can’t commit at this stage.

Can I suggest that drivers who intend to run in any of our series/events in 2021 complete and submit their registration forms so I can allocate race numbers get a handle on the support for each series. Until our first event is confirmed I won’t require payment, at which time should you choose not to race with us there will be no fees to pay. Whilst we have seven events still on our schedule, (Silverstone National may be sorted later in the year) I would expect to charge the full fees. However, should there be for whatever reason further cancellations I will review the charges at that point to ensure everyone is treated fairly. For those who have already submitted forms and provide c/c for payment, I will hold these back for now, for those who paid already via BACS etc consider that payment as a credit towards any future fees.