Entry Fees Confirmed

To All Drivers

As suspected circuit hire fees have risen once again 6% to 8%, circuit owners as usual ignoring the reality of the financial squeeze on peoples incomes with Covid related issues still ongoing. Some clearly trying to make up lost revenue at the clubman’s expense it seems. No change there.

As a promoter of club motor sport for 18 years now and ex competitor I am aware that there is only so much drivers can afford out of their monthly income, and it is with that in mind I can confirm a discount scheme specifically for this year only to help. It involves some risk for me as I will be absorbing most of the increases and assumes the level of club membership/and entries remain at last years level. But it rewards those who support the club the most.

So entry fees for 2022 will run on  a reducing scale. The more you do the cheaper it becomes.

Event 1 £360
Event 2 £350
Event 3 £340
Event 4 £330
Event 5 £320
Event 6 £310
Event 7 £300
The final event Autumn Trophy £360.

Hopefully that will save most of you some money during 2022.

Race Dates

There are no changes to the dates/venues as published. Frustratingly I am still awaiting clarification on a couple as to whether we are racing Sat or Sun, until I know that I will not publish an entry form.

Driver Registrations

I am pleased to be able to report a significant number of new drivers have signed up always a good thing as we always lose some the other end for a variety of reasons  Particularly in the Nippon where reverting to the old manufacturers classes seems to be attracting some new blood. As we enter our 18 year I guess we did something right.

Awards Dinner

Awards Dinner open to all drivers mechanics friends relations sponsors and fans alike. February 26 for a great night out. Email for details if you don’t have them.

Thanks for your support.

Steve V