Times are moving on and with an early start in March we now come to an early finish at the end of September, before the final outing in October for the Autumn Trophy. We finish on a high with the popular Donington circuit for our final event, but before that, we still have Mallory Park – a chance for the little ones to beat up the big ones on a tight short run of a mile where power is less useful and nimbleness a benefit. This could be one for the Clios!

Following on from all the racing we move on to the annual awards dinner on October 27th at the Aubrey Park Hotel, a venue that we have used for the past three years to much enjoyment, with the AGM as a bit of a sideshow thrown in. All club members/drivers, gofers, wife’s/partners, sponsors plus friends and relations are welcome to join us for this shindig to celebrate the highs and lows and chew the fat with other competitors.

As in the past, the club will subsidise the costs a little bringing the ticket price down to £49 p/p to include Champagne reception, three course meal with wine, and disco. For those that require it the hotel is offering rooms at £75 for a double and £65 for a single, all with breakfast. The address of the venue is

Aubrey Park Hotel
Hemel Hempstead Road
St Albans

Tel 01582 792105

Email reception@aubreypark.co.uk

Please order and pay for tickets by email or phone direct with Steve. If you want to reserve a table for a group of people a minimum of six and a maximum of eight can be seated comfortably. We have done ten but it’s not ideal, and it is better to have two tables side by side if there is that many. Please book spaces as soon as possible even if you don’t pay now so we can give the caterers an idea of numbers to expect. Book rooms direct with the hotel. If you have any issues e.g. over prices etc please mention it’s for the Track Attack dinner and that the events organiser, Beccie, has sanctioned the pricing. If you’re still not having much luck, please contact us.

Finally, if you want to do Mallory and/or Donington don’t delay getting your entries in. Not for the first time this season we expect both to get full very quickly.

There are still a few club jackets/t-shirts/caps/hoodie’s left – once there gone they’re gone!

Look forward to seeing you all soon.