As most will know Motorsport UK have cancelled all motorsport activity until the end of June. Those of you who had entered for Oulton Park through MSVR will I am told get a refund shortly. Those of you who sent me their entry forms with credit card details will have not been charged for this event. Those who paid by cheque or BACS will have their payment held as a credit towards the race meeting they next enter.

As with all things “sport wise” this will be an ongoing situation and I will give you updates as to when we will resume as soon as they come available. MSVR have told me they are looking to reschedule the cancelled fixtures at this point, but like other sports it will I guess depend on when we get the go-ahead to resume, how much track time they have to play within the time available, though I guess they could extend into November should they chose. Clearly it’s a moving target in all area’s of our lives so I can only ask for your patience at this time.

As I write the plan is to restart in July, which would mean Snetterton on July 4th. If we extend the season into November which I have suggested to MSVR we may well be able to add one of the cancelled fixtures at some point, so all is not lost.

On a positive note, you can’t say you haven’t had time to prep your car. Self-isolate in your garage, get those spanners out and start tinkering. When the starting flag comes down there won’t be much time to get in the groove so be ready to rock. In that context, there will no doubt be a lot of pent up frustrated drivers hunting around to get out where ever they can. With fewer meets that means as soon as you know you want to do an event, you need to get in fast.

It is probable that I will get enquiries from non-club members. Although we have always encouraged “one-off toe in the water see if you like us” types rest assured the grid slots will be allocated to club members on first-come-first-served basis. You can still join us/register if you have not done so and want to do any of the remaining events.

Thanks’ for your support and I look forward to seeing you when the season commences.